Flooring Four Les recommends using a certified floor covering installer. You can find a local Certified Installer at or through a service driven site such as but not limited to the It is best to have your installer measure your job before ordering to know the most accurate figures for the material you need. It is the customer's responsibility to check references from your installer to verify the quality of their work and that they also have General liability and workers Compensation insurance. You or your installer must inspect goods prior to installation. Cutting or installing the material is your acceptance and approval. Refunds for wrong color or visible defects are not allowed once material has been cut or installed. If we provide phone numbers for local installers it is solely the responsibility of the consumer to verify references, insurance and resolve any issues. Since we are not in your home or business measuring for floor covering, we can only provide an estimate based on your measurements. Floor covering should only be ordered in the quantity your installer has determined. Responsibility for shortages and consequential damages caused by shortages lies solely with you the consumer. Pattern repeats that are necessary in some floor coverings should be determined by the installer before ordering.


Flooring four Less does not manufacture or put warranties on the products we sell. All warranties come directly from the manufacturer of each product. Please contact us for warranty information with any questions you might have. Should a problem arise, our claims department will be happy to assist you. Contact our claims at